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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Does BASE49 programs support dependent care reimbursement?

    • Our programs qualify for dependent care reimbursement. We do not provide legal or tax advice in regards to this. Please contact your professionals to make sure our programs meet the qualifications of your employer’s reimbursement plan.
    • You can contact your site for date specific receipts or signatures of forms.
    • Registration fees do not qualify for tax deductions. Contact your own tax professional for more information.
  • How can I authorize people to pick up my child from BASE49?

    Only people you have listed in your authorized pick up are allowed to pick up. 

    If you have people that will be picking up your child that are not in your authorized pick up, you need to go into your Eleyo account and click details next to your child's name and modify accordingly. You will need to add them for each child. This is also true to take people off your authorized Pick up.

    Always - Always SAVE AUTHORIZED Pick ups in the bottom left corner.

  • How do I print my tax information?

    1. Log into your account Eleyo account.
    2. If you forgot your password, click “forgot password” and a link will be sent to your email to reset your password.
    3. Click the down arrow on “Explore All Programs”
    4. Click the “View Your Dashboard” tab
    5. Under “Your Accounts” tab, click program account for which you wish to print a Tax Statement (For summer season and for families no longer with our program, you will have to click the “Previously Participated Accounts” button. This button is light gray in color, but is a working button).
    6. Click “Download Tax Statement” button on left side.
    7. To return to the “Dashboard” or the “Manage Account” tabs, select “Your Profile” link at the bottom of page.
  • How do I set up Auto-pay? **

    Parents must set up Auto-Pay through their portal. BASE49 staff are not able to add auto pay to an account.

  • How will I be invoiced and how do I pay?

    Invoices are emailed each Wednesday for the upcoming week and payment is due each Friday before the new week.

    • Accounts are invoiced Wednesday for the next week via the email on your account.
    • A $10.00 late fee will be assessed for any payments not made by the due date.
    • Any accounts with a balance on Monday will be provided a "reminder" to pay.  If accounts are not paid in full by Tuesday, your child will NOT be accepted into BASE49 until account is current. 
    • Payments accepted online include debit, credit and ACH for electronic check authorization.
    • Checks or Money orders need to be handed to your site Lead or contact the BASE49 office before 3 pm on Friday's for other payment options (719-495-1182).  BASE49 does not accept cash.
    • All credits or adjustments to accounts are issued back to the account. Request for refunds are processed at the end of each year and submitted to D49 Finance, at which time a check will be issued within 4 to 6 weeks from date of request.
  • What is the policy for changing schedules or absences?

    Schedule changes must be done no later than 3 pm (MST) on the Friday before the scheduled dates and submitted to in writing. Requests received after 3 pm on Friday for changes in the upcoming week will not be processed.

    BASE49 does not issue refunds or credits for absences in current week.

    All After School Absences - Please call 719-495-1182 or email if your child is going to be absent so our staff does not look for them. 

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us with what's on your mind.